Webinar FAQ

What makes you qualified to teach this webinar?

We are young working mid-level professionals who are familiar with the challenges of this current difficult job market.  We both believe in the value of anthropology as a discipline, and we want to see our peers succeed in their endeavors.  Unfortunately, there are very few jobs with the word “anthropologist” in their title, and almost all of those require a Ph.D. Finding work with an anthropology BA is not impossible, but it takes ambition, creativity, and persistence. Having faced the grim prospects of a weak job market, and the rapidly changing expectations of an increasingly interconnected online work world, we are well positioned to share the things we’ve learned and the things we wish we’d known before we graduated.

Why should I take this webinar?

Because you want a job that will further your professional career, challenge you personally, and utilize your anthropological knowledge.  If you don’t want those things, you shouldn’t take this webinar.

What will I get from this webinar?

We will share several things that we think you’ll find helpful as you move from academia to employment:  New ways to think about your job prospects, different places to look for work, and helpful strategies to make the most of your job hunt.  We’ll also cover several ways that you can make yourself more appealing to potential employers , avoid having your resume thrown out, and distinguish yourself in a sea of competitive applicants.

What about refunds?

If you encounter technical difficulties that prevent you from participating in the webinar you can retake it at a later date. If you simply didn’t think it was worth your time and money than we will grant a full refund and listen closely to your criticisms.


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